I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. This gift has been a personal blessing to me since I have also known darkness and pain in my life equally as long. My self expression through art was my first counselor, my first awkward attempts to understand undeveloped feelings at a tender age.

Now as an adult after accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I am able to grasp my palette and brush to portray a new hope. From the darkness of my past I can see with new eyes how my story can minister and encourage others who are hurting and bearing guilt they do not have to carry any longer.

I pray my testimony will point you to the Almighty. Living God / Elohim.

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Deep Thought

Why do artists have this compulsion to play incessantly, tentatively fighting to be true to the dream life, the missing link into dark and light? It is the nature of the self-taught artist, more so than the academically trained artist, who brings each of us closer to this obsessive, creative spirit. Our fast-paced lives are bent on suppressing such unleashed creativity that we don’t get the joke to a greater extent that The Creator is funny, we are HIS children. Creative spirit is lost to the misguided principle that leads to complex, material-filled and information overloaded lives. It seems that only in our waking hour that our minds are the most free, the most creative. The pace of our daily lives has not yet kicked into gear to crush creative thinking- so our minds play- they are free- still partially intricate, within this semi-conscious dream-like state, yet at times organizing problems or ideas that are tangible to our daily lives which we must pursue in a few short hours. It is the final floodgate of freedom for our thoughts to risk fresh HOPE.

Four Pronged Shin

NevehyaPeople often ask me about my logo. The logo and concept revolve around:

Sefer HaTemunah teaches that one letter is missing from the Hebrew Alef Bet and that this letter will only be revealed in the future.

Every defect in our present universe is mysteriously connected with this missing letter--- an unimaginable consonant whose sound will create undreamed of words and worlds, transforming repression into loving. Yet every morning we wear it right between our eyes.

White Fire vs. Black Fire; the paper/ parchment that the black words were written on. As one looks at the written and reveled black fire words on the white fire paper you can see behind and surrounding the 3 pronged shin is the invisible, secret and hidden 4 pronged shin. What has not been revealed to us yet will be revealed in the future coming.

Those who put their hope in the very rare 4 pronged shin’s Originator will be protected from the coming wrath.

Nevehya Original Art Nevehya Original Art Nevehya Original Art