About Me

I began drawing and painting at an early age. In High School I developed a love for public speaking as well and sought to merge these gifts together.

I've won awards for my sculpture and mixed media work from The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and went on to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, having a few art exhibitions in South Beach, Miami before marrying and moving to Dallas, Texas with my husband Kent.

I then began to delve into my spiritual life, taking me to Israel twice and later traveling to South East India where I spoke and taught on prayer. As an artist of faith I am motivated by God’s written word. The Creator inspires me through vivid passages in scripture that clearly illustrate powerful images. “These images consume my thoughts until I obey the vision and record them on canvas.”

My work is a constant search of the clearest interpretation of ideas I have about myself and the world surrounding me. “Art transcends the language barrier. Everyone has the opportunity to understand the silent speaker communicating from within the painting.” I communicate through my own form of stylized abstraction.

My husband Kent and I live just outside of Detroit in Bloomfield, Michigan.

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